Our Story


How it all started

Nellie Bly II has been a bricks and mortar business since 1988.

The brainchild of Diane Geoghegan and Mary Wills, Nellie Bly was opened as a retail destination for collectors of kaleidoscopes, art glass, and fine jewelry. After the business partners expanded into an adjoining retail space in 1998, Diane soon realized she wanted to steer her own ship.  Though now separate businesses, Nellie Bly I and Nellie Bly II still share a doorway and are two of the longest standing retail stores in Jerome, AZ. 

After her own career in the jewelry industry, Diane's daughter Liz Lord brings her experience to the family business and is honored to work alongside her mom. The pieces you see here are a result of the combined passions of our mother/daughter team.  It is with great pleasure that we bring you a peek at the goodies we sell: unusual gemstones, masterful craftsmanship, and handmade jewelry are what set us apart from the pack.

We specialize in classic lines with an artistic flair, a sophisticated look that endures.
— Diane Geoghegan

About Jerome, AZ

The historic mining town of Jerome, AZ lies 100 miles north of Phoenix in the Black Hills overlooking the beautiful Verde Valley. Jerome is centrally located just a half hour from Sedona and forty-five minutes from Prescott. 

Jerome was established as a copper and silver mining camp in 1883 and quickly grew in reputation and size. Just 20 years later, Jerome was labeled "the wickedest town in the State" by the New York Sun. Perhaps it was this proclamation that led to the rapid growth of Jerome, reaching its peak in the 1920's at 15,000 residents. When Jerome's mines closed in the early 50's, it became a ghost town in just a few years. By the end of the decade, Jerome's population was down to around 50 residents.

Today, Jerome has approximately 450 residents and is a National Historic Landmark. Its once abandoned streets contain a diverse mixture of restaurants, retail stores, and renovated hotels while still retaining the architecture and beautiful Arizona landscape that made it famous.