Featured Artists

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Megan Thorne

Fort Worth, TX

Before setting diamonds and gemstones, Megan honed her creative eye as assistant designer of a fine lingerie brand. Elegant laces and trims danced in her mind, but her hands craved another medium, and through serendipity found her way into goldsmithing. There, amongst the torches, files, fire and grit, she discovered an unexpected way to bring her delicate dreams to life. A feminine thread ribbons though to unify a remarkable depth of collection and to encircle the studio's reverence for the art of metalsmithing. The collection is handcrafted in recycled 18k yellow, rose, and white gold and with ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. 



Oakland, CA

Exposure to beautiful jewelry occurred very early in life for Tej Kothari. Watching his mother evaluate beautiful antique jewelry with her keen eye for design is a prevalent childhood memory and he was always by her side as she grew her passion into a successful jewelry venture. 

Kothari was established in 2009 after Tej honed his skills designing jewelry under his mom's tutelage. His designs are based on the details and proportions of beautiful antique jewelry viewed through a lens of modern and minimalist sensibility under a filter of nature and its tiniest wonders. The stones are custom cut or hand selected and primarily set in 18k gold. The joy of wearing a Kothari design is enduring as the design aesthetic lends to a timeless elegance. 



Barcelona, Spain

Majoral grew out of the island of Formentera, Spain in the 1970's. Self taught, Enric Majoral works in contact with the nature of Formentera, a way of life that's reflected in his creations of Mediterranean beauty. Since 2003 he has formed a design team with his son, Roc Majoral, and Abril Ribera. Their collections are crafted using traditional methods in 18k and sterling silver in their workshops in Barcelona and on Formentera, applying highly demanding production standards to each piece of wearable art.


TAP by Todd Pownell

Cleveland, OH

“TAP by Todd Pownell” evolved from the varied combined experiences of it’s founders, Todd & Debra. Todd is a technically trained goldsmith and graduate gemologist with fine jewelry historical knowledge. Debra’s experience is rooted in the European studio atelier practice and it’s jewelry fine art traditions.

Together as a couple they merged their complimentary perceptions to the romantic aesthetic that identifies the TAP jewelry design sophistication.


Jamie Joseph

Seattle, WA

Working in both silver and gold, Jamie Joseph creates organic designs with colorful gemstones. Unusual, luscious gemstones are what set Jamie's work apart from the pack and make her rings highly collectible. Her collections are known for high standards of craftsmanship and unique stone cutting techniques spearheaded by her husband Jeremy, a lapidary artist himself.  

Together, their work brings a sense of empowerment and light to those lucky enough to own one of their stunning creations. 


Ananda Khalsa

Northhampton, MA

Ananda draws inspiration from natural forms, and the vibrant luminosity of natural gemstones. She strives to capture the precious quality found in ancient jewelry, while creating pieces with a modern sensibility. All of the gems used are hand picked for their unique and exceptional characteristics.

Each of Ananda’s pieces is handcrafted in her studio in Northampton, Massachusetts by Ananda and her highly skilled team of jewelers. Each luminous gemstone is handpicked for it's exceptional qualities, and recycled metals are used to create the pieces. 



Los Angeles, CA

Eddie Sakamoto, a third generation Japanese American, appeared on the jewelry scene in Los Angeles in 1979. It was an exciting and innovative time as there was a resurgence of interest in uniqueness and quality. A "new" designer movement was to begin. 

A self-described minimalist, Eddie's challenge is to create jewelry where less is more. Platinum and 18K yellow gold take on strongly sensual shapes. They curve, bend, and arc gracefully. Both feminine and masculine in form, his work embodies the yin/yang.


Owen McInerney

San Francisco, CA

Owen McInerney was born and raised in Ireland before moving to the U.S. in his mid-twenties. He loved working with his hands from an early age, taking metal shop in school and winning prizes for his silver wire jewelry. After being a software engineer for many years in Silicon Valley, he realized he missed working with his hands, and transitioned back to creating beautiful things. Owen’s designs are unique and influenced by what he sees around him every day. Most of his pieces are influenced by nature; above ground, in the skies, and below the seas.